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How do I add social media links/buttons?

Answer: Social media links/buttons are added through your Theme settings and can be displayed on your Announcement bar and Footer bottom sections.

Step 1: Within your Theme Editor, go to the left-hand menu to select Theme settings.

Theme Settings.png

Step 2: Click Social media to expand the list of settings.


Step 3: Enter the social media URLs you want to display into the entry fields. Doing so will make it possible to display social media icons in your Announcement bar and/or Footer sections. Account fields that are left blank will not display an icon.

Step 4: Head back to Sections in the Theme Editor to enable your social media icons. Icons can be added to the Announcement bar by activating a checkbox, or to the Footer bottom via a content block.

Announcement bar example:

Theme Settings - Social Media Icons.png


Allowing customers to share products on social media

Additionally, within Social media settings, you have the option to enable Facebook, X (Twitter), and Pinterest icons on your Product pages via a Social media block. This will allow customers to share products through their personal accounts. For example:

Theme Settings - Sharing Social Media.pngTheme Settings - Share Icons.png

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