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Capital Changelog

We do not add new features to older themes. New theme features are applied to the latest version only, and not older versions of the theme. While we can manually apply critical bug fixes to your theme, we strongly recommend updating your theme to address this. Read our article on How to Update Your Theme Version to learn how.

Version 32.2.0

27th July 2023

This update resolves a recent issue with previewing sections in the theme editor.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed an issue that caused some section previews to display incorrectly.

Version 32.1.0

10th July 2023

This release enables customers to enter gift card recipient information, introduces a 'Follow on Shop' button, and addresses bugs.


  • Gift card recipient name and message support
  • Optional 'Follow on Shop' footer button that allows customers to follow your store in the Shop App

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed a bug affecting MP4 video playback on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug affecting backward navigation in Safari web browser
  • Improved display for product images added from URLs

Version 31.1.0

24th March 2023


  • Shopify search query suggestions
  • Shopify section grouping

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fix Vimeo video loading when there are multiple video sections on one page

Version 31.0.6

12th December 2022


  • Added Shopify Focal Points support

Version 31.0.5

27th October 2022


  • Added the 'complementary products' block to the product template to support user-defined product recommendations via the 'Search & Discovery' app

Version 31.0.4

17th August 2022

  • Updated the presets so the theme reflects the latest demo store updates

Version 31.0.3

14 June 2022

  • Added support for the new theme inspector on all sections/blocks
  • Added mobile image selector to the Slideshow section along with "Fullscreen", "Banner" or "True to size" image size options

Version 31.0.2

23 March 2022

  • We've added support for boolean metafields (true or false) so that they can be used to filter collections and search results on the online store.
  • Also, we've fixed the logo display on mobile view, so that it is always visible whether overlay-logo is enabled or not.

Version 31.0.1

8th February 2022

  • We've reintroduced the Language selector and adjusted it to support the Country/region setting from Markets

Version 31.0.0

2nd February 2022

  • "Currency" selector has been changed to a "Country/Region" selector to support Shopify Markets
  • "Language" selector has been removed, to use the region based settings from Markets

Version 30.1.1

9th November 2021

  • Update the cart drawer when adding a product from the cross-sell block on the product template

Version 30.1.1

27th October 2021

  • Added new Quick add (Upsell/Cross sell block) block in Product form.
  • Added new Accordion with image section.
  • Added new Info columns section.
  • Added new Visual navigation banner section.
  • Added new Navigation banner section.
  • Added new Accordion section.
  • Added new Image with offers block in Product form.
  • Added new Text with icons block in Product form.
  • Added new Article text slide show section.
  • Added new Product testimonials section.
  • Products sorted by "new to old" and "Best selling" display correct badges.
  • Support for Vimeo videos added to product media.
  • Fixed Product media slider/zoom icons so that they don't overlap video controls.
  • Links hover style consistent across templates and sections.
  • Removed incorrect stock message on cart drawer when automatic discount is enabled and item quantities are changed.
  • Fixed Local pickup info so that it updates when thumbnail changes variant.
  • Fixed default functionality on alternative templates for Product, Collection, Blog and Blog post.
  • Image with text section: fixed image alignment.
  • Fixed cart count when quantities are changed from cart drawer.
  • Footer menu alignment improvements on mobile.
  • Product recommendations heading is editable.
  • Recently viewed number of products consistent with Recommended products.
  • Dynamic sections can be displayed at top of page on Collection pages.
  • Removed duplicate Collection title on mobile Collection image.
  • Added option to hide page title on Page and Contact page templates.
  • Fixed Sort/filter on Safari pre v14.
  • Fixed Scrolling text animation.

Version 30.0.2

8th October 2021

  • Requirement: Product rating block added.
  • Requirement: Custom Liquid section added.
  • Requirement: Apps section added.
  • Collection grid layout improved on Safari.
  • Collection page - "filter/sort" button removed from mobile view when filtering and sorting are disabled.
  • Collection page - sections stack order improved so that sidebar content will always sit above the grid on mobile view, regardless of its desktop position.
  • Collection page - custom sidebar was integrated into the filtering sidebar. Standalone Collection header section was removed as it became redundant.

Version 30.0.1

9th September 2021

  • Update to remove some unused javascript in the compiled theme
  • Collection title removed from collection image on mobile (collection page)
  • Spacing changes in navigation list section, features section and image with text overlay section and collection filtering
  • Option to hide page titles on page and contact page templates
  • Increase number of recently viewed products displayed
  • Improve display of scrolling text in scrolling text section

Version 30.0.0

9th September 2021

  • Dynamic sections available on all pages (excluding gift card, checkout and customer pages)
  • Product form restructured to support blocks and app blocks
  • Product image gallery and product form split into two sections
  • Collection page restructured into header, grid and sidebar sections, with support for blocks
  • Faceted search filtering section added to collection page
  • Cart page restructured to support blocks and app blocks
  • Header search input and submenu navigation links navigable via keyboard
  • Touch targets increased to a minimum of 44 x 44px
  • Alt tag added to secondary product images
  • Visible focus states on inputs when navigating via keyboard
  • Fallback mobile menu when no Javascript
  • Blockquote styling on blog post pages made consistent with wider theme
  • Shop name added to gift card template
  • Settings labels terminology improvements

Version 7.11.4

16th June 2021

  • Presets update

Version 7.11.3

4th June 2021

  • Enhancement - 'Show low stock indicator' setting was relabelled.
  • Bug - Blog post placeholders reflect the value selected in the 'Posts to show' setting.
  • Bug - Animated banners display the correct text in French.
  • Enhancement - Removed redundant link setting on Announcement bar.
  • Enhancement - Spacing below success message on contact form increased.
  • Bug - Removing deprecated shop.taxes_included tag.
  • Enhancement - Improved placeholder and transition on product page/section image loading.
  • Enhancement - Better spacing when no reviews present on product page.
  • Bug - Fix JS error occasionally preventing cart drawer opening.
  • Enhancement: Allow the collection image to display as a banner at the top of the page
  • Bug Fix: The "default title" text was removed from the store pickup modal
  • Bug Fix: The text size setting did not work for the navigation list section
  • Bug Fix: Could not change the heading for the footer newsletter block
  • Enhancement: Visual fixes applied to the mobile filter and sort drop-downs
  • Bug Fix: The 'view all' button was broken on the featured collection section
  • Enhancement: Changed the color of the placeholder SVG in the Shop the look section
  • Enhancement: Contact form success and error messages styling
  • Bug: Prevent search icon from overlapping search text when set to 'minimal'
  • Bug: Overlay opacity not responding to setting in promotional grid and features sections
  • Enhancement: Header overlay improvements, including support for image with text overlay section and auto updating when reordering sections
  • Enhancement: Add badge text color setting.

Version 7.11.2

18th May 2021

  • Rebrand to 'Eight' 

Version 7.11.1

11th May 2021

  • Shop Pay Installments support

Version 7.11.0

9th March 2021

  • Presets updates
  • Improve button spacing and hover animations
  • Vertically center text within the announcement bar
  • Remove redundant explanatory text for overlay header setting
  • Reduce number of products in Recently Viewed section
  • Remove white space beneath slideshow when slides have different aspect ratios
  • Improve product page variant selection behaviour
  • Header design improvements on desktop, including search bar, icons and navigation link hover effect
  • Button letter spacing setting
  • Improve load in animations
  • Enhance design of collection sliders
  • Support for unlisted Vimeo videos
  • Separate settings for button color and link color
  • Animate collection list items on hover
  • Newsletter pop up
  • Support for special characters in collection tag filtering
  • Resize subscribe button in footer
  • Boxed style search design improvements
  • Fix page shift when viewing gallery image on product page
  • ReCaptcha icon replaced with text disclaimer
  • Ensure featured product thumbnail selection updates main media image
  • Announcement bar spacing and size settings

Version 7.10.0

23rd February 2021

  • Option to enable or disable local pickup
  • Optimize font sizing on mobile devices
  • Enable predictive search on mobile devices
  • Add cart drawer
  • Improve design and UX of collection list page
  • Option to display second product image on hover in the product grid
  • Optimize spacing between elements on all non-homepage pages
  • Align scrolling text banner with bottom of product image
  • Display full screen slideshow on mobile devices
  • Improve layout and UX of collection page
  • Add custom.css file
  • Correct font color of first variant swatch if out of stock
  • Display product details correctly on hover when scrolling banner is present on product image in featured collection section
  • Center main nav more precisely
  • Set maximum width of text in rich text section and image with text section
  • Increase maximum width of all pages/sections
  • Add animation when loading in image or video
  • Ensure menu links display correctly for large logo sizes

Version 7.9.0

29th January 2021

  • Store pickup icons color update
  • Enable display of vendor name on product grid items
  • Add custom HTML homepage section
  • Various improvements to search functionality and display
  • Improve design of image with text section
  • Improve fade in animations on homepage
  • Remove empty box when typing in predictive search
  • Enhance typography settings
  • Include pop up link to cart page when adding items via the featured product section
  • Improve design of slider arrows
  • Improve layout of collection list page
  • Optimize grid item heading size in featured collection section
  • Shop the look section
  • Improve design of features section
  • Allow map to display in theme editor before saving
  • Optimize spacing between homepage sections
  • Support for subscriptions
  • Support for multiple sliders on the homepage
  • Add plus and minus buttons on quantity selector

Version 7.8.0

6th January 2021

  • Add image carousel to the product page
  • Improve hover effect on product grid items to show variant options
  • Featured Collection section layout improvements, and 'show additional info on hover' setting enabled
  • Add Image With Text Overlay section
  • Slideshow placeholder image improvements and text alignment option added
  • Add option to remove spacing in Features section
  • Add Rich Text section
  • Enable mobile search and improve layout of search results
  • Lock scrolling when mobile menu is open

Version 7.7.3

3rd December 2020

  • Fix for when mega menu sub item on mobile

Version 7.7.2

1st December 2020

  • Improved code with automated testing: Themechecker, Eslint, Stylelint.

Version 7.7.1

18 November 2020

  • Sofia demo store update

Version 7.7.0

12th November 2020

  • Page speed improvements: Add preload attribute for the CSS, fonts and JS
  • Page speed improvements: Add font-display: swap to render text as quickly as possible
  • Page speed improvements: Load CSS specific to the page
  • Predictive search
  • Tidied display of video with text overlay section when no text is added
  • Redundant links removed from password page
  • Option to show shipping and tax information on product page
  • Show placeholders when empty collection selected in the Featured Collection section
  • Surface pickup/Stock location added
  • French translation updated for 'added to cart' message
  • Improved slider functionality on mobile

Version 7.6.0

25th October 2020

  • Set maximum slideshow limit to 5
  • Updated Footer contact section to be more customizable
  • Make Mega menu integrate with Shopify nested menus
  • Improve font alignment and letter spacing on scroll text section on Homepage
  • Swatch alignment optimized on Collection page filter
  • Recently viewed added to Cart page
  • Added an option to choose specific blog posts for Featured blog section on Homepage

Version 7.5.2

22nd September 2020

  • Update default preset to Berlin

Version 7.5.1

26th August 2020

  • Remove spacing from around newsletter and scrolling text section on homepage

Version 7.5.0

19th August 2020

  • New irregular layout (collage) feature for product grid
  • Tidy up filter functionality
  • Move mobile footer out of header menu
  • New slider design for horizontal scrolling sections
  • New: Scrolling text section
  • Header color improvements
  • New: Chunky nav list section
  • Custom badges feature
  • Mobile filter and sort redesign
  • Improve variant option design on product page
  • New option to animate product badges
  • Custom cursor for product page gallery

Version 7.4.1

6th August 2020

  • Add Shopify Product Reviews support
  • Improve swatches functionality

Version 7.4.0

22nd June 2020

  • Horizontal scroll for larger menus
  • Language and currency drop-down color update
  • Swatch fix to ensure sold out options cant be selected
  • Video button width update to match theme
  • Improve featured collection slideshow load in
  • Hide default swatch when no variants available
  • Loading animation for zoom functionality on product images

Version 7.3.0

20th May 2020

  • Update search button alignment
  • Remove heading setting for Recently Viewed section
  • New section: Video Hero
  • Improve Collection filtering UX
  • Remove 'Wide display' setting for Newsletter section
  • Remove Google+ from social media options
  • Add Tiktok to social media options
  • Show collection list section title even when no collection is added
  • Remove Lookbook page template
  • Removal of 'Use default theme colors' across the theme
  • New 'Full height' option for Slideshow

Version 7.2.0

14th April 2020

  • Add multi-language and currency support
  • Make unit pricing available to all countries
  • Improve tag filtering functionality

Version 7.1.0

31st March 2020

  • Add unit pricing support for German and French stores
  • Improve spacing on homepage product tiles
  • Improve slideshow design
  • Improve Map UX and design
  • Mega Menu transition improvements
  • Improve Blog section design

Version 7.0.0

6th March 2020

  • Added support for product media: 3D models and video

Version 6.0.1

13th February 2020

  • Removed the Instagram Section from theme as per Shopify requirements

Version 6.0.0

16th January 2020

  • Expand functionality and options for 'Featured collections' section
  • Translated into English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Added in Routes property
  • Product page image right aligned in Berlin demo
  • Match onboarding font size with user specified size
  • Spacing improvement between 'sold out' button
  • Mega menu full width when header is full bleed
  • Footer content fills space when less than 4 columns
  • Editable titles in footer blocks
  • Allow 'Image with text overlay' text to display even if no header is present
  • Ensure featured product image shows on load
  • Link product images in grid (collection page etc) to product page
  • Logo and navigation to use 'header' font not 'body' font
  • Products per row setting reflected when no sidebar enabled
  • Option to add or remove titles on homepage sections
  • Enable variant switching when clicking product thumbnails
  • Featured collections enhanced functionality - info on hover or below, view more button, number of items per row, number of rows
  • Onboarding wording improvements
  • Switched background images to standard images
  • Ensured 'Map address and hours' always show
  • Added a message to guide the user on how to upload a map
  • Allow filtering to work with uppercase tags
  • Add an option to show Collection description on the collection page
  • Improved "Added to cart" alert position so always visible
  • Button text alignment improvement
  • Fix header onboarding configuration and duplicate color reference
  • Title option for all homepage sections
  • Options to choose badge colors (Sale, New, Sold out, Low stock, Best selling)
  • Highlight chosen variants on product page

Version 5.0.4

19th November 2019

  • Improved onboarding layout

Version 5.0.3

18th November 2019

  • Show search form on search page
  • Improved text alignment on logo text
  • Feature product slider text updated to follow typography settings
  • Feature product header updated to H2

Version 5.0.2

7th October 2019

  • Removed footer theme reference
  • Changed default preset to Sofia

Version 5.0.1

2nd October 2019

  • Removed duplicate price on Product page

Version 5.0.0

1st October 2019

  • Onboarding improvements - Sample text and images used to improve UX
  • Slideshow improvements - Added optional overlay
  • Dropdown improvements - Added more spacing, and typography option to change font size
  • Header improvements - Option to have logo on left
  • Announcement Bar - Moved outside of header to make it easier to find
  • Typography improvements - Formerly no option to change header alignment, added in with option to change case
  • Changed presets based on new demo stores
  • Product page improvements - Option to have images on left/right, and buy now above/below product description
  • Home page animations and page fades - Slight anims to soften the homepage design

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