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How to update your theme version

Updating your theme version - Introduction

At Eight, the team is constantly working on ways to improve our themes by adding and optimizing features. When an update is ready, a new version of the theme is created by us and is made available to you to download.

Updating your theme is completely optional. If you would like the most up-to-date version of the theme, you can download the latest theme version for free (so long as you use the same Shopify account that you originally used to purchase the theme).

Although we recommend keeping your theme updated to get access to the latest features, improvements, and optimizations - there are some important factors to consider that may influence how often you decide to do this:

Pros of updating your theme

Updating your theme is the best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of the product you have paid for. In updated theme versions:

✅  New features may have been added.

✅  New sections may be available.

✅  Theme optimization is constantly rolled out (such as addressing page speed).

✅  Bug fixes may address issues from your current theme.

✅  The UX (user experience) may have been improved.

Tip: For a comprehensive insight into what the latest theme version includes, please read the Changelog.


Cons of updating your theme

It's important to note that your current theme won't be updated. Instead, the latest version of your theme will be added to your theme library under Online Store > Themes. This will include all the updates made since your previous theme version.

Therefore, there are some important factors to consider before updating your theme version.

If you can update your theme via the admin dashboard then:

❗️ Your Theme settings will be included in your new theme version but should be verified.

❗️ App code snippets may also need to be added back in.

❗️ Any newly available Sections may need setting up.

❗️ Any custom coding that has been added to your current theme version, must be transferred over to the new blank theme.

If you have to download the newest version of the theme from the Shopify Theme Store then:

❗️You will have to download a completely blank theme template from the Shopify Theme Store and recreate your store. Anything configured through your Shopify admin (such as products, content, settings, etc.) will be unaffected on the backend. It will just need to be linked back up on the storefront.

Note: If you need help with transferring custom code over from one theme to another, we recommend reaching out to a coding customization specialist as our support team will not be able to assist you.

In this guide, we'll break down the process of updating your theme into four parts:

  1. Checking for theme updates in Shopify admin
  2. Downloading your theme update from the Shopify Theme Store (optional)
  3. Verifying your Theme settings
  4. Reassigning any apps and custom code snippets

Part 1: Checking for theme updates in Shopify admin

When you are logged into the Shopify account that you purchased your theme with, you will be able to see if a newer version of the theme is available.

Note: If you have customized your theme's code, or you have added apps that customize your theme's code, you may not be able to download an updated theme from the admin dashboard. If you are unable to follow this step, please skip ahead to Part 2.

Step 1:
In Shopify admin, locate your theme in the Themes section.

Online Store - Themes.png

Step 2: Check if there's a notification below the theme name stating a newer version is available. If there is, click on the notification to expand the dropdown box. 

Envy Update.png

Step 3: Click Add to theme library to add the new version to the theme library. Or View release notes to see details of this new version.

Next steps:

If you aren't able to update via this method, then move on to Part 2: Downloading your theme update from the Shopify Theme Store.

If you are able to add your update successfully, then skip ahead to Part 3: Verifying your Theme settings.

Part 2 (optional): Downloading your theme update from the Shopify Theme Store

If you've made custom changes to your theme, or added in some custom or app code, then the automatic update button may not appear for you. In this case, you can still download an up-to-date copy of your theme from the Shopify Theme Store.

Just head to Envy Theme - Shopify Theme Store ...and download a copy from here! 

Note: Downloading a fresh copy of your theme from the Theme Store will download an uncustomized blank version of your theme. You'll need to build this theme back up, adding your media and settings, before publishing. Do this before moving on to Part 3.


Part 3: Verifying your Theme settings

When you update to a new theme version via the Admin dashboard, your theme’s content, settings, sections, and templates will be copied over. You will receive a notification after updating confirming that your customizations were copied successfully.

Customizations Copied Successfully.png

It's still worth verifying that all your storefront settings are in place. To do this:

Step 1: Within the Theme Editor, navigate to the left menu.

Step 2: Click Theme settings and ensure the settings are correct.


Note: When you download a blank theme from the Theme Store, your theme’s content, settings, sections, and templates won't be included. Therefore, you will have to go through the settings and update them to match your previous theme version. 

Part 4: Reassigning any apps and custom code snippets

If you installed any apps onto your previous theme version, ensure that these apps have been installed on your new theme version if required.

If you have customized your previous theme version's code, be sure to reapply these changes to your updated theme. To do this:

Step 1: Go to Themes in your admin dashboard.

Online Store - Themes.png

Step 2: Locate your theme and click the button containing three dots to reveal a dropdown menu.

Step 3: Select Edit Code and add your custom code snippets.

Envy Edit Code.png

Theme FAQs

How can I find my theme version?

When viewing your online store, you can easily view your theme version by clicking the button containing three dots in the top left corner of your Theme Editor. This will open a dropdown menu that displays your theme name and the version you're currently using.

Envy Latest Version 2.png

Alternatively, while viewing the Themes section of the admin dashboard, you can find your theme version under your theme name.

Envy Latest Version.png


How does using an older version of a theme impact my store?

There are no security risks associated with using older theme versions. However, using older theme versions may result in your code becomes less responsive as modern Internet browsers become less compatible with it. Older versions will also contain fewer features than the newest version - so you might be missing out on something you want to see implemented!


Can I receive a refund for my theme?

Themes are non-refundable because they are digital goods. As such, full access is immediately granted to all the theme's files and code after the purchase of a theme license.

Therefore, once the theme has been installed on your store (or the .zip file is transmitted to you), there is no way for us at Eight to revoke access to it or prevent merchants from continuing to use the theme.

With no means to return the purchase, there is also no means to refund the purchase.

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