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Flow Changelog

We do not add new features to older themes. New theme features are applied to the latest version only, and not older versions of the theme. While we can manually apply critical bug fixes to your theme, we strongly recommend updating your theme to address this. Read our article on How to update your theme version to learn how.

Version 37.0.0

20th February 2024

A small fix for background image zooming introduced in the last release.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fix for image zooming on responsive background images

Version 37.0.0

16th February 2024

Improvements to button settings and design as well as some minor bug fixes


  • Visual updates to all text and icon buttons
  • Simpler button settings
  • Popup color handling move to color schemes
  • Fixed pop-up conflict with scroll and sticky header
  • Fixed customer address add/edit form not triggering

Fixes and other improvements

  • Truncated color swatch labels to reduce layout shift
  • Product card 'title' and 'price' color reflects color setting changes
  • Fixed sticky header conflict with info column section
  • Fixed pop-up conflict with scroll and sticky header

Version 36.1.1

30th January 2024

A fix for slider navigation misalignment due to a code change in the previous release.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Slider navigation fix

Version 36.1.0

23rd January 2023

An update to support the latest function of the Shopify filtering system where you can add visual swatches to filter your products


  • Visual swatches to the collection and search page filtering

Version 36.0.0

20th December 2023

This release introduces an engaging color swatch block on product cards and includes general updates to refine various sections across the theme.


  • Added Color swatches block to Collection template and all sections with product cards (Featured collection, Recently viewed section, and Product recommendations)
  • Added unminified JavaScript file to Assets folder


  • Updated X (Twitter) logo and references across the theme

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved Product variant design in Product form, Featured product section, and Quick view
  • Improved icon sizing across the theme
  • Improved design for Header dropdown menus and overlay
  • Improved Featured menu section design and animation
  • Improved Recently viewed section image hover
  • Improved Text with icon section font options
  • Improved Page content alignment in Rich text section
  • Improved Breadcrumbs display
  • Fixed a bug affecting logo casing and sizing
  • Fixed a bug affecting Contact form translations
  • Fixed a bug affecting Newsletter reCAPTCHA text in full screen
  • Fixed a bug causing some mega menu images to direct to 404 pages

Version 35.0.1

22nd November 2023

This update pushes a code fix for a bug identified in the last release.


  • Fixed a bug that stopped Complementary products from displaying outside of the editor

Version 35.0.0

13th November 2023

This release adds EU translations across the theme. It also includes a wide range of enhancements to improve the design and overall usability of various sections on desktop and mobile devices.


  • EU translations
  • Better onboarding for sections with Product cards
  • Transparent image support on Product card image hover


  • Updated the default marker location on the Map section to be centered on the map
  • Updated Text with icon block design on the Product form
  • Updated variable references in the code


  • Logo removed from mobile slideout menu

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved icon alignment across the theme
  • Improved link hover color across the theme
  • Improved text spacing on FAQ/Accordion section
  • Improved Cross sells and Complementary products sections design
  • Improved Pinterest icon rendering in the Quick view drawer
  • Improved Slideshow navigation on mobile
  • Fixed the Slideshow section preview in the Theme Editor
  • Fixed the Age verification pop-up frequency in the Theme Editor
  • Announcement bar transitions are now smoother in Theme Editor
  • Fixed overlay color on the Hero section
  • Fixed an issue affecting the hover effect for Quick view on certain screen sizes
  • Fixed an issue with gift card messages not being included in orders following a Shopify update

Version 34.1.0

19th October 2023

This update allows Quick shop to be added as a block to product cards across the theme.


  • Quick shop as a block on product cards

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved sale percentage calculation when multiple variants

Version 34.0.0

29th September 2023

This update introduces a multitude of enhancements throughout the theme, focusing largely on design and ease of use.


  • Product card: Layout options
  • Product form: Sticky product form
  • Product form: Custom spacing per block
  • Product form: Separator line block
  • New icon set
  • Product form: Star/Review rating block
  • Countdown timer in collage builder
  • Map section
  • Label font settings


  • Product card: Quick shop button position
  • Redesigned breadcrumbs
  • Options on countdown timer block
  • Product template media: Zoom functionality
  • Rich text section: Settings improvements
  • Announcement bar design
  • Standard and mega menu design
  • Link hover design
  • Slideshow design
  • Mobile menu design
  • Product form design
  • Demo names


  • Products block section

Fixes and other improvements

  • Border colors made consistent
  • Footer: Removable headings
  • Social share: Image fix
  • Quick view: MP4 and 3D model fix

Version 33.2.1

19th July 2023

This update resolves a recent issue with previewing sections in the theme editor.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed an issue that caused some section previews to display incorrectly.

Version 33.2.0

10th July 2023

This update includes a new 'Follow on Shop' button which can be added to the theme footer.


  • Optional 'Follow on Shop' footer button that allows customers to follow your store in the Shop App

Version 33.1.1

9th June 2023

In this release, we've redesigned aspects of the Header to add more consistency to spacing and typography, and have made general improvements to how sections are displayed on mobile.


  • Header layout and style changes
  • Mega menu content no longer closes when the mouse cursor is moved off the mega menu

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved 'Collection list' placeholder image display on mobile
  • Improved interaction between the overlay header and the 'Animated text' section on the homepage on mobile
  • Fixed a bug affecting search results alignment within the 'Search drawer'

Version 33.1.0

8th June 2023

This release introduces a brand new template section, a stock indicator display, and the ability for customers to enter gift card recipient information (a Shopify theme store requirement). Additionally, multiple improvements have been made to Flow's layout and settings.


  • Gift card recipient name and message support
  • 'Featured menu' section - designed to showcase key pages of your store
  • Product page stock indicator
  • Four new icons have been added to the 'Text with icon' and 'Collapsible tab' sections
  • Default icons can now be added to product descriptions via the 'Product description' form
  • Aspect ratio settings for images and video have been added to the 'Info columns' section


  • Mega menu loading animations
  • Clicking 'Account' in the header menu redirects customers to the Account page instead of opening a drawer
  • Product grid layout options
  • Renamed the 'Description' block to 'Product description' in the Product form
  • Copyright information now sits to the left of currency and language within the Footer


  • Goblet icon removed from 'Icon' selection

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved Header menu styling
  • Improved image display for linked products
  • Improved the process for manually adding linked products
  • Improved typography in the 'Accordion/FAQ' section
  • Improved Footer alignment on different screen sizes
  • Restored the 'Sold-out' label on the Product form button
  • Fixed an error message that appears when 'None' is selected as an 'Icon' setting
  • Fixed a bug affecting recently viewed and recommended products
  • Fixed a bug affecting MP4 video playback on mobile devices

Version 33.0.0

30th March 2023

Updating to Shopify's new search query suggestions and some general improvements and bug fixes


  • Shopify requirement: Search query suggestions


  • Unified all the default placeholder colors

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed tooltips overrunning container
  • Ensured variant swatches wrap onto a new line

Version 32.0.0

22nd March 2023

We're taking Flow to the next level with a load of new sections and features as well as smaller bug fixes and improvements that we know our merchants will love.


  • Linked products: Showcase separate products as variants
  • Countdown timer section
  • Contact form section on all pages
  • Events calendar section
  • Animated typography section
  • Accordion blocks within the product form
  • More settings and layout options to 'Info column' section
  • Back to top button
  • Visual colour swatches in filter
  • Smooth animations to the header
  • Collage builder section - A flexible section that lets you build custom content sections


  • Moved recently viewed and recommended products to flexible sections instead of required on product page
  • The Accordion focus state now only triggers on keyboard navigation
  • Improved logo settings
  • Quick add now follows the selected add to cart option
  • Improved typography on the Blog section
  • Sale price layout improved
  • Filter and sort buttons now affected by button styling
  • Quick view now displays only key blocks from the product form
  • Section groups
  • Policy page spacing improvements


  • Removed preset sections from the default page template

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved footer item alignments and accessibility
  • Fixed slideshow pagination count
  • Improved quick-view image sizing
  • Fixed Youtube loading on Safari mobile
  • Fixed Collection list image cropping
  • Language dropdown overlays all content now
  • Padding above titles when an image is above
  • Product badges stay visible on the second image hover on the product grid
  • Filter menu background fix
  • Titles across the site now have consistent styling
  • Improved Accordion section on Safari
  • Menu layout and icon sizing improvements
  • Videos now play in the editor when using Chrome

Version 31.0.8

4th January 2023

We have implemented Shopify's focal points support for images and included some minor bug fixes to improve the theme


  • A fade to the Accordion section borders
  • A text block to the Blog/Article sidebar
  • An option to remove titles on page templates
  • External links in the menu now open up a new window
  • Shopify focal point support on images
  • Max width for accordion content
  • Search results in selected languages
  • Letter spacing options for buttons
  • Routes added to cart URL
  • Global setting for hover effects


  • Gallery and Text advert section vertical alignment


  • Additional underlines on product reviews
  • Redundant settings from Recommended products

Fixes and other improvements

  • Gallery placeholder alignment fix
  • Cross sell buttons are now translatable
  • Collection list position fix
  • HEX reference color swatch fix
  • Subheading alignment on Video hero section
  • Layout when sections added above product form
  • Announcement bar font choice pulled through
  • Slideshow navigation dots alignment on mobile
  • Gallery section alignment when screens are exactly 768px

Version 31.0.7

27th October 2022


  • Added the 'complementary products' block to the product template to support user-defined product recommendations via the 'Search & Discovery' app

Version 31.0.6

22nd June 2022


  • Presets to reflect the demo stores

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixing block heading color on Gallery section
  • Fixing width and margins on Custom HTML and Custom Liquid sections

Version 31.0.5

15th June 2022


  • Added color scheme options to 'Info columns' section
  • Added 'Info columns' and 'Visual navigation' sections to all the templates
  • Added support for editor inspector
  • Added side padding on mobile views on Rich text section


  • Switching Heading and Subheading positions on 'Gallery' section's blocks

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed product titles on 'Products block' section overlaying mobile menu drawer
  • Fixed ‘Text size’ setting on 'Image with text overlay' section
  • Reduced padding around social media icons on 'Announcement bar'
  • Fixed misaligned placeholder image on 'Image with text' section
  • Fixed text size inconsistency between quantity label and variant label on product form
  • Fixed blurry images on Visual navigation section
  • Fixed link not wrapping the image in full on Collection list section
  • Improved styles loading of social media icons on Announcement bar
  • Fixed misalignment on Announcement bar when there was no social media URL added on Global settings
  • Fixed case setting and letter spacing inconsistencies on headings across the theme
  • Fixed overlay header background color on Collection pages
  • Fixed incorrect border color and uneven spacing on 'Text adverts' section
  • Fixed videos height on 'Video hero' section

Version 31.0.4

6th May 2022


  • Added color scheme options to Info columns section.
  • Added Info columns and Visual navigation sections to all the templates.
  • Added support for editor inspector.
  • Added side padding on mobile views on Rich text section.


  • Switching Heading and Subheading positions on 'Gallery' section's blocks.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed product titles on Products block section overlaying mobile menu drawer
  • Fixed Text size setting on Image with text overlay section
  • Reduced padding around social media icons on the Announcement bar
  • Fixed misaligned placeholder image on Image with text section
  • Improved text size inconsistency between quantity label and variant label on product form
  • Improved image quality on the Visual navigation section
  • Improved link coverage on the Collection list section
  • Improved styles loading of social media icons on the Announcement bar
  • Fixed misalignment on Announcement bar when there was no social media URL added in Global settings
  • Ensured case and letter spacing setting affected headings across the theme
  • Fixed overlay header background color on Collection pages
  • Ensured visible borders when changing color schemes and improving spacing on Text adverts section
  • Fixed the video height on Video hero section

Version 31.0.3

8th April 2022

  • The Video section plays YouTube videos reliably again
  • Boolean filters are now available on the collection page
  • The password page now supports Video, Video hero and Slideshow sections

Version 31.0.2

3rd March 2022

  • Removing social media placeholder links so Shopify accounts aren’t linked as default

Version 31.0.1

8th February 2022

  • We've reintroduced the Language selector and adjusted it to support the Country/region setting from Markets.

Version 31.0.0

 3rd February 2022

  • "Currency" selector has been changed to a "Country / Region" selector to support Shopify Markets.
  • "Language" selector has been removed, to use the region based settings from Markets.
  • "Country / Region" selector has been removed from mobile navigation drawer as a duplicate selector is available on the footer.

Version 30.1.2

23 November 2022

  • Fixed unresponsive third level navigation links in desktop menu

Version 30.1.1

9th November 2021

  • CSS fixed for mp4 videos on the video section

Version 30.1.0

29th October 2021

  • Added new quick add (Upsell/cross sell block) block in product form
  • Added new accordion with image section
  • Added new info columns section
  • Added new visual navigation banner section
  • Added new navigation banner section
  • Added new accordion section
  • Added new image with offers block in product form
  • Added new text with icons block in product form
  • Added new article text slide show section
  • Added new product testimonials section
  • Added back missing styles in video hero section
  • Local pickup updates for out of stock variants
  • Fixed unresponsive variant drop-downs for Safari devices
  • Removed erroneous html tags showing in announcement bar message setting
  • Corrected date format on previous order page
  • Announcement bar rich text setting changed to text setting
  • Hide sold out variants setting applied to swatches
  • Mobile menu logo alignment fixes
  • Spacing corrected around 'read more' button in product form
  • Fixed unresponsive filtering on alternative collection templates
  • Header menu and icons vertically alignment corrected
  • Mega menu subheading hover color corrected
  • Image with text overlay and featured collection color schemes corrected
  • Added option to show text under image on mobile slideshow

Version 30.0.3

8th October 2021

  • Vimeo URLs can be used for product media videos
  • Product rating block added
  • Slideshow images loaded at an appropriate resolution
  • Text adverts styles are no longer blocked by the AdblockPlus browser extension

Version 30.0.2

1st October 2021

  • Remove any legacy lazysizes code in favour of native lazy load handling
  • Add srcset and sizes attributes to product page media images
  • Add Custom liquid section
  • Add apps.liquid section

Version 30.0.1 

23rd September 2021

  • Removed all ampersands from settings labels as per Shopify standards
  • Overlay logo is visible on collection list and contact page
  • Add to cart and 'Buy now' buttons have distinct colors on the product page
  • Various spacing fixes throughout the theme

Version 30.0.0

22nd September 2021

  • All templates excluding gift card, customer and checkout templates now support dynamic sections
  • The collection template header now supports rearrangeable blocks (Collection title, image and description)
  • The collection template includes faceted filtering and additional sidebar blocks can be added if the filtering position is set to 'sidebar'
  • The collection grid contains blocks for the grid item vendor, heading, price and swatches that can be rearranged
  • The product information on the product template now supports blocks than can be added, removed and rearranged
  • App block support added to product and collection templates
  • A no-js navigation was added
  • Some of the global settings, as well as settings belonging to the product and collection template were adjusted or removed where no longer necessary
  • Setting label terminology was improved

Version 17.3.7

29th June 2021

  • Bug fix for deleted giftwrap product

Version 17.3.6

16th June 2021

  • Presets update

Version 17.3.5

9th June 2021

  • Enhancement - Support full-section links on 'Image with text overlay', 'Video with text overlay' and 'Slideshow' sections.
  • Enhancement: Prevented the structured data prices from rounding to the nearest integer
  • Enhancement: Added padding to the gift wrap option on the featured product section
  • Enhancement: The sale price colors were corrected on the product template
  • Enhancement: Added a link to the index page on the mobile logo
  • Bug Fix: It is now possible to have more than one map section on the index page
  • Bug Fix: Improved the alignment of images on the featured collection section
  • Enhancement: The cart drawer will now include the line item discounts, compare at prices as well as a subtotal
  • Enhancement - We've added an option to center-align images within the slideshow when the Size is "Fixed" or "Full width".
  • Bug - Quantity input buttons work with typed-in numbers.
  • Bug - Removing deprecated shop.taxes_included tag.
  • Bug - Recommended product 'Quick view' opens up drawer instead of redirecting to the product page.

Version 17.3.4

18th May 2021

  • Rebrand to 'Eight'

Version 17.3.3

11 May 2021

  • Shop Pay Installments support

Version 17.3.2

1st February 2021

  • Shopify subscriptions functionality enabled

Version 17.3.1

7th January 2021

  • Fix for text position on 'Image with text overlay' section

Version 17.3.0

6th January 2021

  • Hide blog dates in Featured Blog section on mobile when setting is disabled

  • Hide keyboard pop up on mobile when cart drawer is opened

  • Improve alignment of elements in the header

  • Improve display of slideshow arrows

  • Hide confirmation message when using an incorrect email on account password reset

  • Hide buy it now button when variant is out of stock

  • Color scheme improvements in Image With Text section

  • Improve use of alt tags on images throughout the theme

  • Add verification pop up feature

  • Add option to enable or disable store pickup

  • Display compare at prices in the cart drawer and cart page

Version 17.2.4

17th December 2020


• Hotfix for dynamic payment button not showing sometimes in quick view


Version 17.2.3

17th December 2020

  • Amend tick icon size in Quick View drawer

  • Optimize social icon size and alignment in footer

  • Adjust spacing on footer drop-down

  • Position footer to bottom of browser when little content present on page

  • Improve conditional logic on Text Adverts section

  • Activate Vimeo video play button and hide button when video is playing

  • Improve display of unavailable variant combinations on product

  • Improve header display when collection image is present but disabled on Collection Page

  • Allow special characters on share links

  • Improve menu drop-down behaviour on mouseleave

  • Allow Image with text overlay to grow to accommodate text content

  • Improve mega menu close behaviour on tablet

  • Enhance mobile image display on Contact page

  • Remember user's last position on Infinite load when clicking browser back button

  • Optimize Video Hero text display on iPad

  • Improve image size labelling and behaviour on overlay header

  • Improve video hover image display in Hero section

  • Escape variant text to allow special characters

  • Extend conditional logic when 'hide sold-out variants' is enabled on product

  • Improve image alignment and overlays in Gallery and Featured Collection sections

  • Enhance submit button chevron display when style set to bold on Newsletter section

  • Improve text color styling of various buttons

  • Improve read more link expanding text on Galaxy S10

  • Add text disclaimer on Recaptcha 3

  • Enhance border display on Cart Page

  • Dynamically update cart count on mobile

  • Add translation of from_text in es.json

  • Improve Slideshow slide links

  • Amend 'view all' hover alignment on search

  • Numerous small tweaks and minor bug fixes

Version 17.2.2

18th November 2020

  • Spacing fix on variant drop-downs

Version 17.2.1

11th November 2020

  • Translations for store pickup

  • Accessibility: keyboard navigation improvements

Version 17.2.0

26th October 2020

  • Surface pickup/Stock locations added to product page

  • Fix HTML error for product recommendations file

  • Option to chose selected blog articles in the featured blog section

  • Gift wrapping option on product page

  • Pagespeed improvements: preloading of assets

  • Pagespeed improvements: deferring scripts

  • Pagespeed improvements: using font-display: swap for fonts

  • Fix for variant label when only one variant set to swatches

Version 17.1.2

30th September 2020

  • Pagespeed improvements

  • Error message when cant add product to cart

  • Hide video vimeo account info overlay

  • Product image zoom fixes

Version 17.1.1

17th September 2020

  • Pop up image fix

  • Quick view button improvements so not sticky

  • Removal of feature option on the collection page and filtering alignment improvements

  • Wording change on the password log in modal

  • Mobile menu logo and close icon alignment improvements

  • Collection list 'selected' option fix

Version 17.1.0

15th September 2020

  • Implement Shopify's predictive search

  • Aspect ratio options for collection grid

  • Addition of non minified files and developer zip file generation that can be requested from support

  • Sass depreciation

  • Bullet point style update for centered text

  • Video section supports MP4

  • Video hero section supports Youtube short links

  • Add to cart option for product grid items

  • Password page restyle and update

Version 17.0.2

13th August 2020

  • Ensure correct device image is shown in the slider

  • Tidy up spacing on collection page on mobile

  • Remove reference to old Social image in files

  • Announcement bar alignment and conditional statements updated

Version 17.0.1

23rd July 2020

  • Add social image setting

  • Make footer headings translatable

  • Fix bug with enable search in header

  • Header alignment improvements

  • Remove quick shop title from drawer

Version 17.0.0

22nd July 2020

  • Video Hero now accepts shortened YouTube urls

  • Remove hyphen setting for paragraph tags

  • Rename sections to reduce confusion

  • Remove lowercase setting from compare price

  • Improve page load for Hebrew page handles

  • Improve variant image for Featured Product in editor

  • Resolve Safari "back button" conflict

  • Add close button to mobile menu

  • Improve "Go to Cart" functionality

  • Improve "underline" heading style alignment on Slideshow

  • Update variant selectors based on thumbnail click

  • Hide thumbnail when there is only one image

  • Make price layout consistent across collection list and collection pages

  • Add option to auto-hide sold-out variants

  • Add confirmation message for password reset requests

  • Improve search filtering functionality

Version 16.3.4

10th June 2020

  • Mobile image improvements for the rich text editor

  • TikTok icon now matches other social icons

  • Tidy up mobile drop-down icons

Version 16.3.3

3rd June 2020

  • Improve sticky product description feature

Version 16.3.2

27th May 2020

  • Resolve heading configuration conflict

Version 16.3.1

14th May 2020

  • Fix collection sort issue in Safari and Firefox

Version 16.3.0

6th May 2020

  • Autoplay text adverts on mobile

  • Collection page improvements for Safari on mobile

  • Add TikTok to social media icons and remove Google+

  • Full width option for Image with Text, Gallery and Collection List sections

  • Resize mobile menu logo default size

  • Use localStorage instead of cookies for pop up expiration

  • IE11 polyfill for product media slider

  • Show Quick View on Collection List page

Version 16.2

15th April 2020

  • Implement multi-language support

  • Implement multi-currency support

  • Make unit pricing functionality available to all countries

Version 16.1.1

7th April 2020

  • Use localStorage instead of cookies for popup expiration

Version 16.1.0

30th March 2020

  • Preset updates

Version 16.0.0

24th March 2020

  • Improve existing video section

  • Introduce new section: Video Hero

  • Improve Featured Collection & Collection List sections

  • Add Heading and Description to Gallery section

  • Improve logo alignment

  • Typography improvements for product grid

  • Pricing improvements for product grid

  • Pop-up improvements

  • Enable reviews on Collection List page

  • Improve cart drawer alignment

  • Slideshow improvements

  • Parallax improvements

  • Unit pricing support for Germany and France

  • Update to text input style

Version 15.3.0

17th February 2020

  • Added support for product media: 3D models and video

Version 15.2.1

12th February 2020

  • Removed the Instagram Section from theme as per Shopify requirements

Version 15.2.0

29th January 2020

  • Fullscreen option for slideshow

  • Gallery image animation improvements

  • Featured products grid image improvements

  • AJAX cart button improvements

  • Swatches now on product page

  • Read more section improvement for Safari

  • Removed parallax for mobile

Version 15.1.1

7th January 2020

  • Added the routes property

  • Removed duplicate unit price in search drawer

Version 15.1.0

19th December 2019

  • Read more for product descriptions

  • Improve sale and sold out badge positions

  • Remove duplicate svg file

  • Add to cart functionality options

  • Image zoom effect on homepage

  • Title decoration improvements

  • Hide line item in cart if it begins with an underscore

  • Brand, SKU and url meta data added to product page

  • Fix for infinite scroll bar when a large footer is added

  • Gallery - Removal of unnecessary code

  • Update presets for Byron theme

Version 15.0.0

31st October 2019

  • Load more option added to collection page

  • Product description under image option added

  • Out of stock notification sign up form

  • Option to choose which sort options to display

  • Re-enable feature image in thumbnails

  • Added text options for announcement bar

  • Updated support link in admin

  • Added refund prices to account pages

  • Related products carousel functionality

  • Fix overlay logo showing on product page

  • Added unit pricing for German and French stores

Version 14.4.1

4th September 2019

  • Fix mobile product images

Version 14.4

28th August 2019

  • Translation of theme settings into French, German, Spanish and Portuguese

Version 14.3.3

16th August 2019

  • Fix mobile product images

  • Updated demo presets

Version 14.3.2

14th August 2019

  • Reorder right aligned thumbnail code on product page

  • 'Cannes' overlay presets updated to match the demo store changes

Version 14.3.1

13th August 2019

  • Updated addition quick shop wording

  • Dynamic checkout enhancements

Version 14.3.0

9th August 2019

  • Add option to add top image on list collections

  • Added number option to the mobile cart indicator

  • Added a link to our image size doc to product image option

  • Add secondary image hover effect to collections list page

  • Add sale badge to the collection list page

  • Updated dynamic checkout buttons

  • Removed WeTheme from footer

  • Get 'Quick shop' working when onboarding

  • Optimize collection page padding

  • Spacing tweak on social icons

  • Allow logo to be smaller than 100px (now 50px)

  • Improve canonical links

  • Favicon support improvements

  • Add Alt tags on gallery section on homepage

  • Image max width removal on collection page

  • Tidy up bullet points on 'Quick shop'

  • Dynamic checkout on cart page update inline with Shopify changes

  • Remove 'Designed by' link in footer

  • 'Quick shop' wording - Change 'Quick shop' to 'Quick view'

  • Remove embedded CSS in 'Featured products' homepage section

  • Fix jumping issue on header overlay

  • Max width for product description images

  • Review responsive breakpoints in stylesheet

  • Fix twitter card when there is a pipe (|) in the product title

  • Page content jumping when sticky header becomes "stuck"

Version 14.1.0

26th June 2019

  • Update related products

Version 14.0.1

15th April 2019

  • 'Cannes' style presets updated to match the demo store changes

  • 'Queenstown' changed to first demo style

Version 14.0.0

12th April 2019

  • Adding 'recently viewed products' to product page

  • Blur effect added to images

  • Product page improvements including an option to add trust badges, change image size and thumbnail positions

  • Sidebar and width options added to page content

  • Sidebar options added to content pages

  • Customisable form on contact page

  • Option to turn on breadcrumbs on selected pages

  • Option to hide or show 'on sale' or 'sold out' badges

  • Option to hide or show blog post dates

  • Optimising social share buttons for a faster load

  • Option to choose products shown per row on collection page and featured products

  • Option to remove sticky description on product page

  • Enable sticky product description in theme editor

  • Fix for collection-template error in admin

  • Fix for ipad megamenu not opening when clicked

  • Replace 'Currency' for language translation across the theme

Version 12.0.1

26th February 2019

  • Improved UX of mega menu

  • Changed collection page hover setting

  • Option to add font weight to product title

  • Removed 'Mr' from 'Testimonial' section

  • Alignment of button on quickshop

  • Removed additional spacing around sitewide 'Instagram' section

  • Collection sidebar header underline style positions with the text alignment

Version 12.0.0

26th February 2019

  • Option to filter collections by one or multiple tags when using the sidebar

  • Mega menu added

  • 'Logo list' section added to the homepage

  • 'Instagram' and 'Newsletter' sections sitewide

  • Multiple header styles

  • Option to show money saved in % and $ on product page

  • Testimonial section on homepage

  • Option to change size and weight of product title font

  • Additional pop up location (bottom right)

  • Header icons text label option

  • Added an overlay option to 'Image with text' section

  • Added a slideshow mobile image option

  • 'Featured product' section image navigation position changed

  • Collection page image and description options updated for more flexibility

  • Collection page set to 2 products per row on mobile

  • Quickshop option added to the collection list page

Version 11.4.4

26th October 2018

  • jQuery error on password page fixed

Version 11.4.3

25th October 2018

  • Single option variants (hide when not default title)

  • Variant images switching on mobile - Needs to fix on demo sites

  • jQuery - Conflict minimisation, and update/CDN removal

Version 11.4.2

15th October 2018

  • Added translation into AJAX cart (placeholder)

  • Fixed tag filtering in vendor collection template

  • Removed unneeded 'assets/password-backup.scss' file

  • Settings language changes to better clarify functionality

  • Updated slider link setting

Version 11.4.1

11th July 2018

  • Added a 'Social share image'

  • Added options to allow changes to the 'Color schemes' in the theme settings

  • Margin added when multiple paragraphs in 'Rich text' and 'Image and text' sections

  • Increased 'max height' of product images on collection pages

  • Fixed popup images that were sometimes being stretched

  • Ensured all home page buttons used the 'Button' colors/styling

  • Updated blog date format

  • Optimized home page animation

Version 11.4.0

3rd July 2018

  • Hero block - added a text animation (if enabled)

  • New drop-down menu alignment option

  • Sold out not showing on collection-list template

  • Floating product details sometimes 'overriding' (rejigged JS call order)

  • Reduced excessive side padding on mobile 'announcement bar'

  • Fixed 'Enable social sharing' checkbox (on popup)

  • Payment icons

  • Improved Slideshow settings

  • Preset changes

  • Transparent header - Currency display improvements

  • Header padding when white/transparent

  • Popup images - Code improvements

Version 11.3.0

19th June 2018

  • Collection page - Added image padding/margin

  • 'Transparent header' option

  • Show 2nd image on hover now fixed when only one image

  • 'Sold out' text no longer duplicated in 'Related products'

  • iPad drop-down navigation fix (on certain iOS versions, in landscape)

  • Incorrect color scheme in settings JSON

  • Hero - Side images now span full width of sidebar (in all circumstances)

  • Center 'Tag' drop-down, on mobile, when only one is showing

  • Popup background color now updating across options

  • GDPR changes - Rich text now on password page

  • Bottom footer improvements (ready for new payment icons)

  • Drop-down improvements - Speed and animation improvements

  • Product thumbnails - Code re-written for speed

  • Slight fadein on 'Image with text overlay' sections

  • Hide empty collections on 'collections/all'

  • Flow preset changes - Changed header, font and product options for Queenstown

  • Better integration for Shopify Product Reviews

  • Thumbnail padding - padding now added below to standardize layout

  • Smart payment buttons - CSS styles now nested to ensure theme code overwrites injected code

Version 11.2.0

6th June 2018

  • Sold out background color option

  • Added option to remove animations

  • Added option to enable 'social sharing' on product pages

  • Product page title size

  • Added option to remove animations

  • Added option to enable 'social sharing' on product pages

  • Featured products description padding

  • Custom HTML padding removal

  • Reduce video text size on mobile

  • Remove extra padding on product pages (on last image)

  • Image with text overlay - Removed extra spacing when no text

  • Remove 'header font' from announcement bar section

  • Product page spacing improvements

  • Search drawer improvements - Now field is 'enabled' on click

Version 11.1.0

30th May 2018

  • New font choices - over 100 new fonts are now available to choose through the theme editor.

Version 11.0.1

5th April 2018

  • 'Smart payment button' Added ID to product form, not wrapper DIV

  • Vendor now links to the vendor page on Product page templates

Version 11.0.0

3rd April 2018

  • 'Smart payment button' functionality

  • Instagram improvements

  • Password page CSS fix

Version 10.0.0

22nd February 2018

  • 'LazyLoad' images functionality

Version 1.1.6

15th October 2016

  • Now allows a 700px (instead of 500px) on hero image

Version 1.1.5

20th September 2016

  • Improved layout of cart (not AJAX) on mobile

Version 1.1.4

15th September 2016

  • Fixed Hero advert link

Version 1.1.2

6th September 2016

  • Changed fonts for Byron

Version 1.1.1

2nd September 2016

  • Added ability to add links to homepage image

Version 1.1.0

1st September 2016

  • Changed H* tags to ensure theme adheres to a11y

Version 1.0.1

18th August 2016

  • Added 'Onboarding' Features to Homepage

Version 1.0.0

11th August 2016

  • Initial Release

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