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How to Set Up A Size Guide

blobid0.pngA Size guide is measurement guidance to help your customers select the best-fitting size.

On the Product page, you have the option to have a link to a size guide which will open up as a modal on the product page.

This size guide link can also be a great option to display other information about the product, such as returns instructions, color references, terms and conditions, or materials within the product.

Step 1: Add a Size Guide Page


You will first need to add a new page to create your size guide.


  1. Within your Shopify admin, go to Online store > Pages.
  2. Select Add page.




  1. Enter sizing information in the Content area.
  2. Click Save.




Read: Shopify's Pages help guide.

Step 2: Link Your Size Guide


Once you have your size guide page, you must link it to the product page.


  1. Within your theme editor, add a block, and select 'Size Chart'.
  2. Change the title of this link by typing your words of choice under Heading.






This link then appears on your product page.


When this link is clicked, a page will open to display the size guide.




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