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How to enable product gift wrapping

Product gift wrapping - Introduction

By enabling product gift wrapping, you provide your customers with the option to request gift wrapping on a per-product basis directly from the product page.

Gift Wrap This Product Box.png

For this to work, a gift wrap product (i.e. a product that represents your gift-wrapping service) will need to be added to your product inventory. 


Gift Wrap Product.png


When a customer checks the Gift wrap this product box on the product page, your gift wrap product is automatically added to the cart with the product.

Within the cart itself, the quantity of the gift wrap product will match the quantity of the product chosen.

Product Gift Wrapping Cart Drawer.png

In this guide, we'll break down the process of enabling gift wrapping into four parts:

  1. Setting up the gift wrap product
  2. Enabling gift wrapping from within Theme settings
  3. Adding gift wrapping to the Product template
  4. Enabling gift messaging within Theme settings

At the end of this guide, we also explain how automatic discounts can be influenced by product gift wrapping.

Part 1: Setting up the gift wrap product

To begin, add a new product to your store that represents your gift-wrapping service.

Step 1: From your Shopify admin, go to the Products section.

Step 2: Click Add product.

Step 3: Create a gift wrap product just as you would create any other product.

Gift Wrap Product Page.png

Tip: You can use your product description to explain what materials will be used to gift wrap the items, in addition to adding an image to show your customers what a gift-wrapped order will look like. For more information on ideal sizes and file types for Shopify imagery, read our article on Product media.

Step 4:
Set the price of your gift wrap product. If you want gift wrapping to be free, then set the price to zero.

Step 5: If you wish to track the quantity, then set an available quantity for the product. However, please be aware that if the quantity reaches zero then the item will appear as out of stock.

If you don't wish to track quantity then uncheck the Track quantity box. This will prevent the item from going out of stock.

Track Quantity.png

Step 6: Save your product.

Part 2: Enabling gift wrapping from within Theme settings

Now that your gift wrap product is set up, we can tell the theme we want to use that product for the purpose of gift wrapping. To do this:

Step 1: In the Theme Editor, go to Theme settings and select Products.

Step 2: Under Gift wrapping, click Select product.

Step 3: Locate and select the gift wrap product you created.

Step 4 (optional): Customize the Gift wrap label text.

Theme Settings Products Gift Wrap.gif

Step 5: Save your changes.

Part 3: Adding gift wrapping to the Product template

The gift wrap product has been defined for your theme. Now, we simply have to add the Giftwrap block to the product template.

Step 1: In the Theme Editor, go to the product template you want to use (e.g. Default product).

Step 2: Under Product, click Add block.

Step 3: Select Giftwrap.

Step 4: Move the Giftwrap block to the desired position.

Step 5: Save your changes.


Following this, you will see the Giftwrap block appear on your product template. Customers will now be able to request gift wrapping for the products that use this template.

Giftwrap Block Example.png

Part 4: Enabling gift messaging within Theme settings

In addition to offering gift wrapping, you can also give your customers the ability to enter gift messages when they reach the cart.

Example of the Gift message option in the Cart:

Gift Message.png

This is optional and not exclusive to gift-wrapped products. If you enable gift messaging but disable gift wrapping, your customers will still have the option to include gift messaging with their orders.

Gift messaging works in the same way as regular cart notes. Any messages you receive will come through in an order under the Additional details panel. For example:


To enable this functionality:

Step 1: In the Theme Editor, go to Theme settings and select Cart.

Step 2: Check the Enable gift message box.


Step 3: Save your changes. Your customers will now be able to add gift notes while viewing the Cart.

How gift wrapping influences automatic discounts

Although gift wrapping can be a great bonus for your customers, please be aware it can impact automatic discounts.

The gift wrap product will trigger any automatic product discounts that are based on product numbers. This is because your gift wrap product counts as a unique product when added to the cart.

For example, let's say you offer a $10 discount when a customer buys 10 products in a single order but you don't specify what products are required to achieve the discount. Any gift wrap products included in an order would count towards that 10.

This means, that if a customer chooses 5 products and requests them all gift-wrapped, that would equal 10 products in total when added to the Cart.

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