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Fresh Changelog

We do not add new features to older themes. New theme features are applied to the latest version only, and not older versions of the theme. While we can manually apply critical bug fixes to your theme, we strongly recommend updating your theme to address this. Read our article on How to Update Your Theme Version to learn how.

Version 32.1.0

10th July 2023

This release enables customers to enter gift card recipient information. Additionally, a new 'Follow on Shop' button has been introduced.


  • Gift card recipient name and message support
  • Optional 'Follow on Shop' footer button that allows customers to follow your store in the Shop App

Version 32.0.0

24th March 2023


  • Shopify's search query suggestions
  • Shopify's section grouping

Version 31.0.7

12th December 2022


  • Added Shopify Focal Points support

Version 31.0.6

27th October 2022


  • Added the 'complementary products' block to the product template to support user-defined product recommendations via the 'Search & Discovery' app

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed the unresponsive external video controls

Version 31.0.5

19th July 2022


  • Switching the default preset to Sweet

Version 31.0.4

8th June 2022


  • Theme editor inspector compatibility

Version 31.0.3

4th April 2022


  • Switching the default preset to Sharp

Version 31.0.2

3rd March 2022


  • Removed placeholder text from social media accounts

Version 31.0.1

9th February 2022

  • We've reintroduced the Language selector and adjusted it to support the Country/region setting from Markets.

Version 31.0.0

3rd February 2022

  • Updating the theme to work with Shopify Markets

Version 30.1.2

13th January 2022

  • Improvements to the load more and infinite scroll options when using a Safari browser

Version 30.1.1

23rd November 2021

  • Unminified JS
  • Improvements on the cart page quantity selector

Version 30.1.0

22nd November 2021

  • Added new quick add (Upsell/cross sell block) block in product form
  • Added new accordion with image section
  • Added new info columns section
  • Added new visual navigation banner section
  • Added new navigation banner section
  • Added new accordion section
  • Added new image with offers block in product form
  • Added new text with icons block in product form
  • Added new article text slide show section
  • Added new product testimonials section
  • Responsive layout fixes applied to product page
  • Fixed uneditable 'You may also like' heading in product recommendations
  • 'Continue shopping' button shows on the Cart page when Cart type is set to 'Fixed' or 'Page'
  • Remove erroneous html tags in the mega menu when the heading/subheading is empty
  • Added the top navigation items to the mobile menu
  • Correct spacing between header and hero sections
  • Sort by drop-down on search page only displays when search results are present
  • Video with text overlay fallback image applied to desktop
  • Fixed unresponsive filtering on alternative collection templates
  • Correct color applied to focus outline in overlay header
  • Fixed cart icon failing to update in sticky header
  • Fixed unresponsive mobile menu icon in the theme editor
  • Added support for hiding the add to cart button on the product page
  • Fixed incorrect display of automatic discounts on cart page

Version 30.0.1

8th October 2021

  • Product rating block available on the product page and in the featured product section
  • Custom liquid section available
  • Apps section available
  • The search results page now has filter & sort capabilities

Version 30.0.0

8th September 2021

  • All templates excluding gift card, customer and checkout templates now support dynamic sections
  • The collection template header now supports rearrangeable blocks (Collection title, image and description)
  • The collection template includes faceted filtering
  • The collection grid contains blocks for the grid item vendor, heading and price that can be rearranged
  • The product information on the product template now supports blocks than can be added, removed and rearranged
  • App block support added to product template
  • A no-js navigation was added
  • Some of the global settings, as well as settings belonging to the product and collection template were adjusted or removed where no longer necessary
  • Setting label terminology was improved

Version 1.0.3

4th June 2021

  • If the cart is set to drawer/persistent and you add a product to the cart from the collection list template, the cart page would open instead of the drawer
  • Posting a new comment will no longer show a duplicated comment with an icon on form submission
  • Restore mobile menu functionality on collection page
  • Ensure header overlay reacts when reordering sections in theme editor
  • Close search results in search block when clicking background
  • Ensure an active state is visible on top bar drop-down menus
  • Responsive grid layout improvements on collection list page
  • Links on index sections are now consistent with regard to their style
  • Active drop-down navigation items now have a style applied to them when they are active
  • Improved hiding of collapsed footer links
  • Remove text underline on buttons theme-wide

Version 1.0.2

26 May 2021

  • Show cart drawer when adding to cart from the collection list page
  • Add filter support for matching collection and tag name

Version 1.0.1


  • Rebrand to 'Eight'
  • Performance improvements
  • Hide local pickup for unavailable variants
  • Unit price added to customer order page
  • Prevent audio stacking of product videos
  • Shop Pay Installments support
  • Settings labels clarified/instructions added where applicable
  • Minor layout/design improvements in the header
  • Featured Collection products per row setting fixed
  • Featured product swiper pagination design improvements
  • Prevent video overflow when fixed cart is open
  • Remove video title and play button on mobile
  • Image displayed on mobile in video with text overlay
  • Pagination added to text adverts swiper
  • Collection page filter improvements
  • Parallax removed on collection page
  • Minor design improvements to sort by drop-down and filter drawer
  • Add to cart button moved above buy now button in product form
  • Add to cart notification added
  • Quick add on search page opens the cart drawer
  • Dynamic button styling
  • Footer social icons header removed when no socials added
  • RTE link styling
  • Overlay header only applies to a image/slideshow top section
  • Slideshow height fix
  • Blog posts section PNG image fix
  • Number of blog posts setting applies to selected blog only
  • Custom HTML content centered
  • List article comments in chronological order
  • Gift cart page shop title overflow fix

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