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How can I translate my store into right-to-left languages?

Answer: We recommend finding a language app on the Shopify app store that can translate your pages into right-to-left (RTL) languages. The following apps have proven to work well:

Although an app will successfully translate the language, you may still have to adapt certain sections of your store's page templates to fully accommodate the RTL format. This can be done through a combination of built-in options for sections and custom coding.

Advanced method

If you're confident in editing Liquid code, an alternative method to using translation apps is to create an RTL template.

When you purchase a theme, it's complete with ready-made templates (for example, the Collection page template, or the Product page template). However, Shopify allows you to replace your theme's templates by creating a new one.

To find out more about templates click here to read Shopify's help pages.
Note: Because this advanced method involves customizing your theme’s code, we’re unable to provide one-to-one support.

If you need any assistance customizing your theme's code, then we suggest reaching out to a Shopify Expert to help you with the task.

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