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How to set up multiple currencies

Multiple currencies - Introduction

Allowing visitors to your store to pay in multiple currencies is a simple way to expand your customer base - which can result in more sales!

Luckily, Shopify automatically converts your customers' local currencies to your store's default currency when an order is placed. All you have to do is set up the markets (countries or regions) you want to sell to and enable local currency use. And of course, be prepared to ship your products to the new destinations.

In this guide, we'll break down the process of setting up multiple currencies into three parts: 

  1. Setting up Shopify Markets
  2. Enabling local currencies
  3. Enabling the country/region selector tool

Part 1. Setting up Shopify Markets

By utilizing Shopify Markets, your store can accept various currencies from different countries and regions. To add more markets in Shopify:

Step 1: When viewing your Shopify admin, go to Settings.

Settings Button.png

Step 2: Continue to Markets and click Add market.


Step 3: Select the countries or regions that you want to include.

Markets - Select Markets.png

Step 4: Enter a Market name to represent your selection. This name is only visible to you.

Markets - Market Name.png

Step 5: Click Add market when you've finished. This will create your market.

Note: You may have to add additional shipping rates for zones that aren't currently set up. Keep an eye out for any notifications on your market page.

Markets - Shipping Not Configured.png


Step 6: Ensure the market is Active. By default, your market should be Active if there are no outstanding issues.

However, if you have tasks left to complete, such as configuring shipping rates, then your market will remain Inactive until you complete the tasks and manually change its status.

Markets - Activate.gif

Part 2. Enabling local currencies

Now that your market is set up, the next step is to enable local currencies. This will allow customers to choose their local currency and place orders. 

Step 1: While viewing your newly created market, click Products and pricing.

Markets - Products and Pricing.png

Step 2: Enable Show prices to customers in their local currency by checking the box.

Markets - Enable Local Pricing.png

Tip: We recommend leaving the Base currency as USD $, or using another familiar currency to the specific market group. If local currency isn't possible for a country or region then your base currency will be shown instead.

Step 3:
Click Save. When you return to the market screen, you will see Local currencies is on.

Markets - Local Currencies On.png

To learn more about setting your product prices by country, click here to read Shopify's help guide.

Part 3. Enabling the country/region selector tool

To allow your customers to change your store's currency, you need to enable the country selector tool within your theme. You can do this through your theme's Header section:

Step 1: Within your Shopify admin, go to Online Store and continue to Themes.

Online Store - Themes.png

Step 2: Locate your theme and click Customize.

Step 3: Select your Header section.

Step 4: Under Country/region selector, check the Enable country/region selector on desktop box.

Fresh - Enable Local Currencies.gif

Step 5: Save your changes. Visitors to your store will now be able to select their preferred currency!

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