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How to control the catalog (all products) page

Introduction - The catalog page

The catalog page within your theme lists every available product on your store. To access your catalog page, use the following URL format: your-store.com/collections/all

By default, the products which appear on this page will be sorted in alphabetical order. However, you can create a new collection to control the products that appear, and the order in which these products are displayed.

We'll break down the process of creating and controlling a catalog into three parts:

  1. Creating a new collection
  2. Sorting the collection
  3. Renaming the collection (optional)

Part 1. Creating a new collection

To create what is effectively a new catalog, you must first create a new collection.

Step 1: From your Shopify admin, go to Products and continue to Collections.


Step 2: Click Create collection.

Step 3: Name your collection All.

Step 4: In the Collection type section, select Automated.

Step 5: Set the product condition Price is greater than $0. This will bring all Active products into your collection.

Step 6 (optional): To hide products that are out of stock, add the condition Inventory stock is greater than 0 as well.

Step 7: Click Save.

Control Catalog - Create All Collection.png

Note: If you want to include or exclude specific products from your All collection, then choose Manual as the Collection type, then manually select your products.

Part 2. Sorting the collection

Now that you have created your All collection, you can sort the products within it.

Step 1: Scroll to the Products section.

Step 2: Select an option from the Sort drop-down menu.

Collection Order Sort.png

If you select Manually, then you can rearrange your products by using their drag-and-drop handles (⋮⋮).

Collection Manual Sort.gif

Part 3. Renaming the collection (optional)

With your All collection fully set up, you now have the option of changing its name if you wish. However, it's important that the handle of the collection remains set as All. This is because the page URL must end in /all. To confirm the URL:

Step 1: While viewing the All collection, rename the collection if you wish and Save your changes.

Step 2: Scroll to the Search engine listing section.

Step 3: Click Edit to reveal the SEO options. In the URL handle field, you should see a URL that ends in /all. If it does, you can navigate away from this page. Your All collection is live!

However, If the URL does end in something different, then change it to /all, and click Save.

Rename All Collection.gif

Remember to test your new catalog page by visiting the URL handle displayed in the SEO section.

The above steps have been adapted from Shopify's guide: Change your catalog page.

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