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How do I add H1 tags to the homepage?

Answer: The easiest way to directly add a H1 tag to the Home page template is to use the Custom HTML section.

Note: For more information about the risks of adding multiple H1 tags, click here.

Please use the steps below for guidance, but please be aware we are unable to provide one-to-one support for this task because it involves theme customization.

Step 1: Within your Shopify admin section, go to Online Store.

Step 2: Under Themes, locate your theme and select Customize.

Step 3: On the left-side section menu, click Add section then add a Custom HTML section. (Ensure you are viewing your home page template.)

Custom HTML Section.png

Step 4: Select the Custom HTML block and enter your H1 tag.

Step 5: Save your changes.

In the next sections, we'll discuss how to add H1 tags and the risks of H1 tags.

Adding H1 tags

Here are two methods to help you add H1 tags.

Method 1: Edit the pre-populated HTML code

Editing the pre-populated code in the HTML box will ensure the theme's styling is maintained. Simply change the <h2> tags to <h1> and replace the text as shown below.

Custom HTML Example 2.gif

Method 2: Remove the default HTML text and add a clean code

If you have experience with HTML then you can remove the pre-populated code and enter your own that you can style yourself.

Add the following code into the HTML box and alter the text between the two tags, as shown below.

<h1>Your own custom h1, including any important keywords</h1>
Custom HTML Example.gif


Please note: Because adding H1 tags involves theme customization, we are unable to provide further one-to-one support. For further guidance, please seek assistance from a Shopify Expert.

Should I add H1 tags?

Using additional H1 tags should only be considered for improving the visual appearance of a webpage and not for any other purpose. Any decision to add more H1 tags should be based solely on cosmetic reasons.

There is no SEO benefit for adding additional H1 tags to your store. As your Online Store already contains a H1 tag - which is a main header tag - adding more H1 tags can worsen SEO because it's not optimal for audiences.

It's worth keeping in mind that additional H1 tags can be problematic for screen-reader software. If accessibility is a major focus of your store, adding H1 tags isn't recommended.

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