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Introduction to Theme Settings

Theme settings are your store's general settings, which make global adjustments affecting your entire storefront.






Under your Colors settings, you have the option to set your color schemes. These are the color combinations you can use across your store. Each Accent has a color option for the Headings, Body text, and Background.






In your Typography settings, you can change the font, size, case, and format of your storefront's text.

If the fonts that you wish to use are not available in the drop-down menu, you can follow our how-to guide on uploading your own custom fonts.





The search settings allow you to choose which results you would like to show on the search page as well as enable and disabling predictive search to let your customers see search results as they type.



Social media


Under Social media, you have the option to link up your social media accounts.

These settings must be in place before social media icons will display on your storefront.

You also have the option to enable sharing icons on your product pages and blog posts. Within this section you can choose which social platforms you want to display on; Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

To add Social sharing to your store simply add the Social media blocks to either your Blog post template or Product page template.





Under Products, you can edit elements of the product detail area e.g. Product page, Quick view, Featured product section

This includes badges, displaying the dynamic checkout button and sticky product form




Product cards


The product cards options affect the product grid. You can see the product grid on Collection pages, Featured collections section, Multi-collections section, Product recommendations, Cart cross sell, Search results and more.


From here you can crop your product images, align information, enabled Badges, turn on quick view and more.



The theme comes with animations as standard. You can control speed and disable them from this section.





A Favicon is a small image that resides in your browser’s tabs (and often bookmark lists), allowing you to identify the page - and the brand that it represents - at a glance.


Eight ~ Customize Fresh 31.0.1 ~ Shopify 2022-03-30 at 12.56.04 pm




Under Checkout, you can edit the appearance of your checkout page and ensure that the final steps of your customer's transaction are as intuitive and enticing as possible.

Settings include adding a background image for your banner, order summary, and main content area, adding a logo, and editing the typography and colors.


Eight ~ Customize Fresh 31.0.1 ~ Shopify 2022-03-30 at 1.39.11 pm


You can also edit the customer's order summary, using the same settings:


Eight ~ Customize Fresh 31.0.1 ~ Shopify 2022-03-30 at 1.41.29 pm


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