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How To Set Up Blogs

Your Blogs page houses your storefront's blog, latest news, or press releases.
  • A Blog post is a specific article, and must be assigned to a Blog.
  • A Blog is a collection of Blog posts, generally under a particular theme.

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In order to display your blog posts on your storefront, you must set these up within your Shopify settings under Online Store > Blog posts.

Step 1: Create a Blog


As each Blog post is housed within a Blog, the first step is to set up a blog.


  1. Within Online Store > Blog posts, go to Manage blogs.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, select Add blog.
  3. Under Title, enter the name of your blog.
  4. Click Save.



Step 2: Create a Blog Post


Once you have created a Blog to house your posts, you can create your first Blog post.

  1. Within Online Store > Blog posts, go to Add blog post.
  2. Enter the Title and Content of your blog posts.
  3. Click Save.



Step 3: Assign Your Post to a Blog


Finally, assign your new blog post to a blog - you can reassign an existing blog post to a different blog at any time.

  1. Under Blog posts, select the blog post you wish to edit.
  2. Scroll down to Organization.
  3. Use the Blog drop-down menu to assign your post to one of your blogs.



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