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Currently, we cant add new features to older themes. New theme features are applied to the latest version only. While we can manually apply critical bug fixes to your theme, we strongly recommend updating your theme to address this - click here to learn how.

Version 3.1.0

10th July 2023

This release enables customers to enter gift card recipient information, introduces a new 'Follow on Shop' button, and provides bug fixes.


  • Gift card recipient name and message support
  • Optional 'Follow on Shop' footer button that allows customers to follow your store in the Shop App

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug causing app information to duplicate when multiple apps are added to a section
  • Fixed a bug affecting product variant selection when the 'Buy it now' button is used
  • Fixed a bug affecting MP4 video playback on mobile devices

Version 3.0.0

28th March 2023

This update enables Shopify's new search query suggestions.


  • Shopify requirement: Search query suggestions

Version 2.0.0

27th February 2023

An update to support Shopify's 'section groups' alongside improvements to the product form and cart functionality to be more compatible with apps.


  • Section groups
  • Setting to choose page or notification cart type


  • Updated the product form to support apps better


  • Stray " on the video section

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed blurry secondary image on Safari
  • Fixed cross sell section loading icon bug

Version 1.0.6

12th December 2022

Added Shopify Focal Points support and fixed missing variant labels in the product form


  • Added Shopify Focal Points support

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed variant option labels missing in the product form when options style is set to buttons

Version 1.0.5

27th October 2022


  • Added the 'complementary products' block to the product template to support user-defined product recommendations via the 'Search & Discovery' app
  • Added support for custom properties on the product template

Version 1.0.4

7th September 2022


  • Added more sections to the footer on demo store


  • Changed the loading animation of grid items to ensure they're visible immediately on mobile

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed collection list rendering placeholders when collection names are changed

Version 1.0.3

19th July 2022


  • Fixed an issue causing cart page cross sell products to fail to load

Version 1.0.2

15th July 2022


  • Color scheme options to Video section
  • Width options to Icons with text section
  • <h1> tag around store logo on Index template
  • More padding around filters on Filtering and sorting modal on Collection page
  • Armada translation system
  • Forced open menus whilst editing


  • Merged 'vertical alignment' and 'horizontal alignment' settings into ‘text alignment’ across all sections
  • Moved icon management into one file


  • Removed dynamic ‘Buy it now’ button from Quick view preventing inconsistencies

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed special character on product title breaking 'Add to cart' button
  • Menu animations now resetting on Safari
  • Fixed Cart cross-sells showing different number of products when resizing
  • Logo aligned on mobile devices
  • Updated placeholder color on Video section so it’s consistent with the rest of the theme
  • Improved readability on Framed image text by preventing text movement on mobile devices


Version 1.0.1

6th June 2022


  • Video section added
  • Gallery menu animations added
  • Added a custom CSS theme setting as well as an editable Custom CSS file within the theme for developers
  • Added missing translation strings


  • Collection filtering improvements including creating a modal, loading indicators, cleaner loading of elements and cursor update
  • Unifying Image type sections to offer the same height options
  • Update sale price styling
  • Social sharing settings are controlled under theme settings
  • Video hero content set to center
  • Center story slideshow content in the container


  • Removed vertical alignment from the Framed image section
  • Remove unnecessary settings for Framed Image section

Fixes and other improvements

  • Slider navigation bar fix for mobile
  • Quick view color option fix
  • Fixed newsletter section input field changing size based on content width
  • Fixed Safari alignment issue on menu items
  • Framed image improvements for Safari browsers
  • Fixed color selection for custom badges
  • Fixed dynamic payment buttons showing for out of stock products
  • Fixed Custom liquid section duplicating

Version 1.0.0

13th May 2022

  • Launch of Influence

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