Eight Themes Support Documentation


Our friendly team offers support services exclusively online, which are accessible to merchants around the world.

How Do I Make a Query?


๐Ÿ“ง  You can get in touch with our support team at theme-support@weareeight.com.

So that we can best help, please ensure you provide key details, including answers to these questions:

  • What is your query about?

  • Which theme are you using? 

  • What is your store URL (e.g. www.myshopify.com)?

  • What is your myshopify.com password (if the shop is locked for visiting customers)?

  • Do you have any screenshots that can help us resolve your query as quickly as possible?

When is the Support Team Available?

We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours, but please allow up to two working days for a response.

9am-5pm GMT
Tuesday: 9am-5pm GMT
Wednesday: 9am-5pm GMT
Thursday: 9am-5pm GMT
Friday: 9am-4pm GMT

What Can the Support Team Help With? 


The following features are under the control of your theme. If you have any issues with them, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team.

โœ…  Troubleshooting and bug fixes
โœ…  Theme settings
โœ…  Home page sections
โœ…  Templates (such as the Product page, Collection page, and Contact page but not pages created through the Shopify admin settings).


The following features are not under the control of your theme, and therefore our support team is not able to offer assistance for these issues. Instead, please reach out to Shopify support.

โŒ  Shopify admin settings (such as creating new pages, languages, currency, gift cards, shipping, and customer notifications)
โŒ  Product setup
โŒ  Collections setup
โŒ  Apps
โŒ  Custom coding (or any custom elements or templates)
โŒ  Tracking systems (such as Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics)
โŒ  Shopify's relay and server system
โŒ  Checkout Page (coding or layout)




Can I receive a refund for my theme?

We are not able to provide refunds for theme purchases.

Themes are non-refundable because they are digital goods. As such, full access is immediately granted to all the theme's files and code after the purchase of a theme license.

Therefore, once the theme has been installed on your store, there is no way for us to revoke access to it or prevent merchants from continuing to use the theme.

With no means to return the purchase, there is also no means to refund the purchase.


Do you offer phone or video support?

We don't offer phone or video call support. All our support takes place via email to ensure all merchants worldwide can receive support. We aim to respond to all emails within 1 working day, but during particularly busy periods, this can be up to 2 working days. 


My theme's code has been altered because I installed an app or added custom code. Can you help?

Here at Eight, we do not have the means to view, diagnose, or address theme issues related to third-party coding customisations. In these instances, we recommend contacting the app developer or the developer who provided the custom code for additional support.  

Like all third-party theme developers, we are unable to provide coding customisations as per Shopify's official guidelines.


Can you customise my theme's code to add a feature?

No, our support team does not offer customisation services. If you need help customising your code, we recommend contacting a Shopify expert.

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