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How to set up the main menu

The Momentum Header menu functions a little differently than other themes. That's because you can build standard menus, gallery menus, individual links, and mega menus alongside each other.


Standard menu

Like many themes, go to Online Store > Navigation and create the main menu you want to display. The theme pulls the menu through with the top-level items displayed in the Header.


Mega menu link

This section block adds a single menu item to the Header. The output is a drop-down containing multiple columns which can display linked images. You can also add a text overlay to each image.


Menu link

Use this section block to add a single menu item with a link to any store page (e.g. product, collection, blog post, etc.) 


Gallery menu link

This section block adds a single menu item with a drop-down containing an image grid instead of a list view of links.




How do I add an image to my menu?

There are two different ways to add imagery to your menu. Use the Gallery block to create an image-focused menu (add up to four images) or the Mega menu block, which lets you add up to three images.


Can the anchor link be translated?

Currently, the anchor link cannot be translated. If you plan on adding multiple storefront languages, you'll need to add multiple mega menus with the anchor link of choice translated for each.

Without this step, you may notice the Mega menu is only available in the default language.


How many columns can my menu hold?

The Mega menu is coded to stretch across the full width of the screen and can hold up to five columns across. Adding an image uses one of these columns.

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