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How to edit a section

Sections are easy to manipulate. In addition to customizing your sections, you have the flexibility to add, move, remove, and hide them from your page templates.

Please note, that the images and GIFs displayed below are for demonstration purposes only.


Adding a section/block

To add a new section, go to the left-side menu and scroll down until you see Add section. Clicking this text will open a list of sections to choose from.

Sections - Add Section.png

To add a new block, when available, go to the bottom of a section and click Add [block name].

Sections - Add Block.png

Editing a section/block

Clicking directly on a section or block will open its settings. Each section or block will have its own unique customization options.

Sections - Editor.png

Moving a section/block

To move a section or block, simply drag-and-drop it into a new position in its respective menu.

Sections - Drag and Drop.gif

Removing a section/block

To remove a section or block, click the trashcan icon that appears next to its name when you hover the mouse over it.

Sections - Remove.png

Hiding a section

If you wish to temporarily hide a section or block from your storefront, click the eye icon to toggle its visibility.

Sections - Hiding.png


Undoing/Redoing changes

If you wish to undo or redo any changes that you make to your sections, including content edits, use the arrows at the top of the page.

Sections - Undo Redo.png

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